Hi, lately I've found myself in the situation where I need to record a quick VO immediately and I'm nowhere near my home studio. Although I have a small portable rig that I take with me when traveling it's not really practical to have in the car with me all the time. So.... I've decided that a small USB mic that I can keep in the glove compartment would be the solution (My laptop is usually always with me).

I've been researching USB mics and I'm really interested in the Studio Projects LSM, but I can't seem to find any reviews.

Has anyone here used one?

Here is a ink to SP product page





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Hi there - just looking for the same portabiliy myself.

What did you find out about these mics. They sure look cute,but maybe a little tinny??


Be grateful for your comments if you found anything out, or have now some personal experience??

I have tried some USB mikes a while ago and well...Samson sounds Shit. SE sounds...acceptable. The best option I've found so far is the Micport Pro USB preamp and connect your condenser workhorse mic to that, or any quality mic. If you don't want to bring your most valuable gear on the road there are many budget mic options,

Add a small laptop and a pair of portable headphones, such as AKG K26 or K27 and you have a high quality portable recording setup. I have recorded many times with that in my car and when travelling. One time in Thailand, I even made so much out of it that it covered my vacation travel expenses.

Hey Stefan. interesting.
Agreed. I wouldn't use a Samson anything. (Interesting to see the banner hyping it on this site...)

So the micport, and the similar shure (which has a few extra features) come out as winners. In light of what you said about dragging your top kit around, what mic would you recommend? What did you use for your Thai gig?


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