I have a question for those talents with portable studios. When ever I have traveled with my portable studio, it has usually been by car. I have never flown anywhere with it and I might need to do so in the near future. I was wondering how you take yours? Do you pack up everything and bring it onboard with you or put it in a suit case and pray it doesn't get smashed? Will they allow you to take laptop; mic; wires; headphones and various other components that we have onboard to put in the over head? Just wondering and would appreciate your input. Thanks.

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so they don't question "equipment" Di
I bought an Airstream Bambi and rolled my Porta-Studio into it, Voice-Booth in a Box and ISDN (APT-X & TELOS Zephyr) I order ISDN lines in sweeps (Seattle,Portland,San Francisco,Malibu,San Diego,Denver,Austin, St Augustine FLA, Myrtle Beach, Washington D.C. and now here on Cape Cod.....the accoustics are superb and the view is not bad either! All the Best, John Driscoll

I have been flying a lot lately with my portable set up, I have it all including computer and audio gear in a back pack that I carry on with me, I bring my 416 in the travel pack and always take it out, no pun intended :) it always gets me pulled aside if I don't, I definitely would not check any of it.
Hi Dianne!
416 and MIC port pro in foam lined Sennheiser case and laptop and Mic clip all packed into my carry on back pack. I often have to open the MIC case to show TSA security folks. Make sure you to ask to open the case yourself.....if they open it upside down the mic will fall out. YIKES!!!!! I put each cable, USB, MIC cord, Power Supply into it's own separate 1 gallon sized clear plastic Ziplock zipper bag. This keeps the cords organized and in easy fiew for TSA agents. My carry on is a Swiss Army backpack. I try and keep it small enough to put under the seat in front of me. Often the overhead storage is at a premium. :-)
I have traveled on planes with gear several times, and always take it on board with me in a back pack or hard case. Never trust your valuable equipment to the baggage handlers. It could end up in pieces or in another city with a lost bag! I've always been pulled aside by security to check all the cables and electronic gadgets. I guess it's reasonable with all the cables, so that will add a few more minutes to your security check. If you travel with a laptop you will have to take it out of your bag before going through the x-ray machine. I've even traveled with small monitors, but that can get heavy, so now I just take some good headphones for playback and editing. I use an mbox mini, which is the perfect weight and size for airplane travel. Keep Your mic protected and use a pencil box for cables, mouse, adaptors and other miscellaneous items. I'll be traveling to Puerto Vallarta next week for vacation and will also carry my gear, making sure it's protected from humidity and sand at the beach front hotel. Hope some of these tips help.
Happy travels!


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