Arighty...I've read several opinions elsewhere, and wanted to see what you guys have to say. When auditioning on a p2p site (V123,, etc.) is it still good practice to do the "opposite gender demo slate?" (i.e. "Your Name, Voice Talent") Some say ABSOLUTELY, others say "not so much." My general practice is to put my name in the demo/audition file name and let it go at that, given that most voice-seekers are looking for their content first and foremost, and that if they like what they hear, they'll have my name in the actual file name and "proposal" I present during the process. Is this forward thinking, backward thinking, or am I simply *not* thinking?




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Hello Andy,

Anymore I only slate if the Client asks, I also agree with Dylan's response for the same reasoning. My established Clients already know it's me, and my name is going to be part of the file name, too. For new custom auditions requested, yes I will typically slate. P2P sites I have auditioned unless they have other requirements within the instructions. I don't currently use an Agent but I have colleagues that use them and it's pretty much a toss up, but always comes down to the instructions in the audition. If nothing is specified then they tell me they will typically slate.

Best Always

I used to slate, but I also just include it in my filename now.
Like Barry mentioned, they already have our info with our audition.

I don't think there really is a wrong or right way.
It's just a matter of preference.

If you read Steve's blog on it, it delivers pretty much the same conclusion.

We can't really know whether or not it deters the client from hiring or not hiring.
But the one thing steve mentions is that our attention spans are super short.
So skipping the slate probably doesn't do any harm.

Thanks, all. This reaffirms my "less is more" approach. And that I'm a forward thinker. And that I'm tall, and good looking, and dog-gone it, people LIKE ME.

(...was that my *outside voice* again?!?)

Who knew Stuart Smalley, thinking so poitively would grow up to be a U.S. Senator! Keep using that outside voice, it works !

Best of Wishes,



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