Hi guys,

I just finished a series of 5 radio spots for a Jamaican Bakery based in the New York area. It was a perfect fit for me being I am also Jamaican and have the voice they were looking for. I am so happy with it. They did one first and the traffic to the store was so great, they commissioned 4 more. I hope they will  expand and do even more... all the time. I'm working very hard at building 'The Caribbean Voice' to become as popular as the movie trailer voices. I want everybody to think Norbert when they say Caribbean. I can only attach 3 of the 5 here.  Enjoy!

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Norbert - 

From one who's enjoyed many a GK patty here in the NYC metro - your patois is perfect!

Super job, and congrats on the big gig....a great start on your Caribbean world domination plan!! ;)

Best to ya,

- SG

Thank you kind sir! Any help you can send to aid my quest would be much appreciated!  Are you of Jamaican or West Indian descent?


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