A couple of studios here in my town are in a state of shock over the price of ISDN. Business ISDN lines have gone through the roof, while my residential account is still just under $70/mo for a pair of ISDN BRI lines. Word is that ATT is trying to phase out ISDN and will eventually drop it. Not surprising given the ISDN is ancient technology. It has served us well, but the telcos will eventually dump it.

I've done some experiments with Source Connect, and it went well. I haven't had a request for it as yet, but I'm sure I'll have to buy it eventually as commercial studios drop ISDN.

Just curious if anyone has anyone has any thoughts about the price and the future of ISDN.

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I recently purchased SC as my biggest client asked for an ISDN Session. I hired a bridge service out of LA and after a test, a few bugs were ironed out and it worked fantastic. There is a bit more of a delay when bridging, but the audio quality was stellar and client was very happy and so was I! I never considered ISDN because of the cost, limitations and (in my opinion) soon to be obsolete technology. Highly recommend SC as it can bridge with any ISDN System.


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