Its Amazing to see what God can do for Ted Williams.  Don't Think that God cant do the same for you .  Williams humbled himself, and God did the rest.  I love this  network because I feel we all have stories similar to Ted's. God didn't just bless 1  with a "Golden Voice"...Theres a lot of Us. Let Ted's story be an example of the many blessings that are ahead for us all...If we just humble ourselves, and stay Faithful and Focused.  Congrats to Ted Williams. He has put a spotlight on all VO artists.  Here come the Blessings... In Gods Time.  MG.

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So very true. Ted Williams has not only addressed homelessness and made masses take
Pause and reflect on their gratitude and charity, but brought an
Awareness to the art of VoiceOver. 
I agree.. I do hope he stays 'clean'.   He's got incredible opportunities offered to him right now.  God bless ya, Ted.


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