Would anyone care to share their experiences and/or opinions of Studio

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I have booked two gigs thru them. Auditions had to be done in person though...(don't know if that is the case all the time though)
Thanks Mike. By the way, which location are you referring to?
I do all my work thru them. Auditions can be done in person or from your home studio. Up to you.
Thanks Jason! I had a GREAT audition with them today and received a lot of positive feedback from them.
I just signed with them and so far I am very happy.

Well, my experience was not so good! I signed up for Studio Center's Academy, sent them all of my registration paperwork, and did everything that the registrars told me to do, but they changed the dates of the training without even consulting me first.  I realize that I am just one student, but they knew that I was traveling from Columbia, South Carolina to Virginia Beach, Virginia every week by plane for 4 weeks back to back.  I purchased my tickets, which were very expensive and made hotel arrangements, then found out the next Monday via a general(mailing list) email that the dates had been changed.  I called them up right away to get to the bottom of it and all they really said was that that they were sorry.  Now, I have worthless Priceline tickets and prepaid hotel rooms!  This was my savings for about 4 years and now it's all gone.  I feel the least they could have done is allow me to attend the class on their dime, since it was their fault for lack of planning and loosing my paperwork!  They just sent me a very insincere email stating that they could not do anything to help.  Bottom line:  I am very disappointed with Studio Center, they don't behave in a professional manner despite how many offices they have, and I just can't trust them to deal fairly and ethically with me.  Be careful!!


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