I am looking for Spanish & Portuguese narrators for a series of educational audio magazines.

Will appreciate any hint on destination where to search for this language talent.

Also interested in English (US) and Chinese (Mainland).

Thank you all!


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Hey Alex, try Arcindo Guimaraes - he's here on VO Universe or www.portugalvoiceover.com

Also try Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst for the Spanish - he's also here on VO Universe

Two great talents - hope that helps

Hi Alex,

I do bilingual voice overs, both English and Spanish. Email me at jandrade4@aol.com, and let me know about your project. Sounds very interesting. Thanks.

Joseph Andrade
Hello Alex,
I am a spanish voice over. Here you can listen some demos www.reynaldoinfante.com and you can Email me at reynaldo@reynaldoinfante.com

I hope we can talk about it.

Best Regards,
Might be a little late for this one, but keep me in mind if you need anything voiced in Spanish.
Luis Garcia
I know someone with past experience in VO and he is an English-to-Portuguese/Portuguese translator of written materials. He lives in Sao Paulo. I have sent him your request and will let you know if he is interested. I will then pass along contact details. Please specify: Portgual dialect or Brazil dialect?

I'll get back with you.

Assuming you are also looking for someone to speak in a Spanish commericial, I can easily accomplish that. I learned and have practiced Spanish since 7th grade. The question I have is: Castillian or a regional dialect?

Best regards,

Hi! I'm an American who speaks fluent Brazilian Portuguese. If you're looking for a female, my wife is Brazilian. Let me know if you want us to audition...


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