I was going over a script for a radio play with a director yesterday and some of the lines require me to actually shout like I'm trying to get someone's attention across a city street.  Since I've never done any shouting in the booth (at least not script related...) - how does one set things in the signal chain so that it sounds 'correct'?


Obviously I'll back off the mic quite a bit; but do I just drop the gain a bit as well, bump up the compression, or both?  I know I'll have to tweak things a bit, so I'm really just looking for a starting point.


Any ideas?




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I was going to suggest what Phillip said. I do my padding on my interface.
back away from the mic a few steps or depending if you know what Im talking about PAD the mic.

Yep, I always PAD on the mic first as it's a lot easier to get to than the one of the back of the interface - and a lot easier to remember. It turns out, that what worked out best for me was PADding AND backing up a step.

Thanks for confirming how I was doing things and the fact that it's the standard way of going about it.

Your welcome Mike. anytime.


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