It seems that it is possible to be so popular that your voice is heard absolutely everywhere. This, however, should not be a giddy moment of egotistical revelry but a sobering moment and cause for grave concern. If you are noticing that you're voice is creeping out of every radio, TV set, movie screen and phone menu, chances are everybody else has noticed too.   And just as easily, if they've noticed that much, they are already changing their minds about you.

Voiceover talents are, by nature, paranoid.  It's one thing to have the phone never ring because you're starting out and trying to be noticed, but to have it stop altogether because you are too popular, too obvious, too everywhere, is an entirely different matter, and quite possibly our gravest fear.

So, what should a voiceover talent do when they have reached saturation?  How do they hit the reset button?

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Count their blessings?  I am sure I am running on about 20 different radio stations a day.  All in the same market? No.  All on the same station? No.  Maybe you are talking strictly Natl stuff? I wish I had that problem.....but I'm guessing Joe Cip, Ben Patrick...etc. aren't looking for any reset buttons.

Hi Mike.  Thanks for replying.


If you're doing commercials along with promos and sweepers on those same stations, regardless of how many, PLUS television commercials, cinema advertising, and your booming out from the heavens on giant outdoor screens, etc, in all of those markets, then the odds of you being near ubiquitous in each one of those markets are pretty high, wouldn't you say? 


I'm sorry, Mike, I have to admit I don't quite follow your answer.  I'm actually in a different part of the world, I'm not American, so perhaps things work differently there to my experience out here.   Although, having worked in 3 different countries in one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world I've learned that there is still a high volume of work, the majority in fact, that is done in studios just a stone's throw from home for most voice talent, despite technology's advancements that are presumed to make this a smaller global market.  And that work that is so close to home is booked by many of the same faces from the same agencies and broadcasters who all watch and listen to the same stations and channels and go to the same cinemas.

As for counting blessings, when work takes a dive due to overkill, the only thing that's being counted are the bills.  So I'm not blowing smoke up my own arse, my question is actually genuinely sincere. 

btw... I had to use Google to find out who Joe Cip, Ben Patrick, etc are.  Forgive my ignorance. :\


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