Hi all, I live in North Dakota and I'm looking for a really good VO coach for classes and demo. Any recommendations (Fargo, Minneapolis, Billings, Sioux Falls, Denver, etc

I'd also like to know which coaches travel to North Dakota to hold classes. If not, I can travel to the nearest city.

Thank you all for your time!


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It's my pleasure to respond to you today

I'm a voice coach and it may surprise you but you can get VERY efficient training online. Of course I would encourage other coaches as you grow and that would hopefully include your area but sometimes the online coaches are the best resource for you so that you can learn the online voice over community instead of just your local. Most local coaches only focus on the local market and don't understand there is a bigger world out there more lucrative than minor markets.

I'd be happy to work with you or do my best to find you the right coach that will truly care about your results and want to see you succeed. RESEARCH your coaches. You're off to a good start by asking on this incredible site.

Please check out my website. There is TONS of free podcasts in the podcast section, as well as the newsletter section is full of information (in the tip of the month sections and the audio chanti casts) This will give you a terrific head start

I hope that you'll trust in me to guide you in the right direction. We can do this on camera via skype or via telephone (I'll initiate the call)

I charge $105.00 per hour and would be happy to give you references. Feel free to google me as well.

I wish you luck in your journey. At least you are taking the right steps to grow in this industry. Education is key to a very successful career. As it applies to all jobs really!

All my best
Deb Munro
feel free to email me directly info@debsvoice.com
Hey Mike,

I'd like to recommend Marla Kirban (her photo is listed on this site under voice coaches). She conducts classes over the phone unless you happen to be in NYC. Its great, though, regardless of the physical distance. She has great instincts, a wonderful ear, and, unlike some coaches, will only accept you if she believes you can find work. Give her a call. As the ad says, "you'll be glad you did."

Mike Hudson
Like JS says.....depends on where you are in your career. I have studied here in LA with the amazing Bob Bergen, MJ Lallo and her stellar guest directors, Marice Tobias "The Voice Whisperer", force of nature Marc Cashman (actually diercts me on a regular basis, so I get PAID to learn from this Master) and of course the GREAT Pat Fraley just went to Hawaii for his anniversary with his beautiful wife....guite possibbly I may have paid for both their airline tickets with the money i have paid to attend Pat's workshops! (Worth Every Penny).......ALL of these coaches in my experience have been well worth the money....but you need to know where you fit in the progression of your growth as a talent before you can strategically budget your hard earned bucks to get the appropriate coaching. The good news is that this is a lifelong journey and you will never learn it all. Keep asking questions Mike.


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