Anyone using Reaper? I downloaded it and have started toying with it. Nice program.

Reaper download

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I used it to do some live multtrack recording, pretty darn impressive application!
The amount of features you get for the money blows away just about anything I've seen.
I couldn't tell you why, but Reaper seems to align more neatly with my analog studio brain. I'm liking it.
Same here. I am having trouble getting it to run on my system, so some troubleshooting is in order. Still looking for a solid replacement for Cool Edit so I can move off Windows for good ... so far nothing is available. Ardour has a new release out too, buit as to which is better, I guess it's up to the individual producer.
LOVE Reaper!!!
I really didnt like AA, and was more of a Sony Vegas man (before it moved to video)
I first heard about Reaper from the Inside Home Recording podcast, and when it came time to upgrade, I gave it a look. The benefits FAR outweigh the low cost. I bought it in a heartbeat.
That is the ONLY program I will use. I have used Sound Forge, Vegas (back when it was audio only), and Reaper never ceases to amaze me.


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