I would appreciate some feedback regarding my home setup. Until recently I have been recording in a converted bedroom (approx. 10'X12' with 8' ceilings) using my Snowball mic. The difference in quality using the Snowball versus the Samson CO-1U (my first condenser mic) was significantly better. I recently purchased a Rode NT-1A with a USB interface, along with a nice reflexion filter and moved all of this to the closet in my studio (about 2'X5') thinking the much smaller, enclosed environment would further reduce any ambient noise - thus improving the quality of my recordings. I was partially right, I think. The tone of the Rode mic is great, very rich and warm, and I have very little ambient noise. However my recordings seem to have a more noticeable echo now. Aside from the closet being very small, with a door, its filled with blankets, etc - so I dont understand what else I should be doing. It seems the recordings are better in my larger room than in the smaller closet. I cant afford an actual dead room, so I am doing all I can short of that to create a recording friendly environment.


I have attached an MP3 from a recent audition. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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what program are you using to record into???   you can do a post production compression on it....slight just to de-ess it and tighten it up....

It's difficult to analyze from afar, but it occurs to me that you might have a hard surface somewhere that is giving you some bounce. Did I understand you correctly, that the change occurred when you moved into the smaller, tighter space of a closet?  That might implicate the closet door.  It might also be an indicator that you are really better off in a larger room with a little "air" around you.


Did you try recording without the Reflexion? 


It also occurs to me that you might could be sorta maybe picking up a little distortion in rendering the wav to mp3.  What is your file conversion application?  Believe it or not, some really are better than others. 


Another possibility is Noise Reduction artifacting.  Are you using any noise reduction?  If so, can you adjust it to where it operates with a lighter touch?


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