Any insights and tips on home studio recording audio books punching in and out yourself? Set up? Also narrating from iPad using iAnnotate? Looking for input or tips to doing a lot of work solo very soon where I used to have engineer and director! Also pronunciations. Good place for CA geographic names. Specifically Berkely? Thanks.

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I recently picked up an Apogee GIO not just for its typical use as electric guitar interface into my Macs, but mainly as a foot-operated transport controller, and it works like a charm. It helps a ton that the pedals are quiet so you don't hear them click, and that it's designed to integrate seamlessly into GarageBand and Logic. I do all my work with the latter, and I hardly use the mouse in my booth anymore, which is great because I run it from a few feet away through a window and those onscreen buttons are even tinier at a distance. There are other MIDI foot controllers that do the same thing which cost less, but I wanted to get up and running fast with a reliable name product that's known to work well with my setup, and avoid the hassle of having to assign all the buttons. 

I did my first session the other day with an iPad where they used an app called TelePrompt+. It did the basics of what it was supposed to do, but was a bit unwieldy making simple corrections and additions. A lot of unnecessary steps to exit the prompter screen, fix, restart the prompter function, then scroll back and locate to where you were; of course, this was all during one of my longest sessions this year. It apparently didn't do a great job of importing their document as it turned it into plain unformatted text, with a lot of the punctuation missing. Lots of potential actually, but the implementation of the basics above was really half-baked in my opinion, at least for whatever version they'd installed.

For the place names, ever tried using Google Translate to say something? Just go to, enter the word in the English column, then hit the speaker button. Doesn't always work, but does more often than you'd think....they've worked on their speech recognition and TTS stuff a lot over the years!


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