Ok, here is my problem. From the moment I open Pro Tools 8.0.3, there is a loud crackling and popping in the headphones. When I hit record, it registers on the track, making recording impossible. I have tried on a Mac Book laptop as well as my iMac…same result. I have tried a different USB lead, same result. The set up has been running fine for over a year until now.I AM using the same computer for everything, I know that a separate drive is recommended, but this hasn’t been a problem and at present I cannot afford one.I have a Bluetooth keyboard and Track Pad, they have been used for at least 9 months with no issue.I turned Airport off (normally always on) …no difference.Basically I have changed NOTHING on the system , but now it is presently un-useable and I have urgent Voiceover work pending.What I know about computers has basically come about in the last year, so don’t get too techy on me!
Computer model and processor speed – iMac G5OS version – OSX 10.6.8Digidesign or M-Audio hardware model – Mbox 2 MiniPro Tools version – 8.0.3Amount of RAM installed – 1 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAMPrinter attached via USB. Tried different ports, different computer…no change.Tried everything in the Setup and General Troubleshooting thread as far as I can tell.Any ideas? I’m desperate as I cannot work until I resolve this.
Thank you.

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I had this happen and wrestled for a while with it...it was intermittent....but was NASTY when it was there.  I ended up getting a new mbox 2 mini and that fixed it....I have tested the old one..and it stil happens SOMETIMES....weird and completely irritating.
Its looking more and more like the answer...

My set-up is similar to yours, except I'm using Garageband and a different brand pre-amp.

My guess is that the problem is with the pre-amp.

Sometimes sudden noise on my recordings is caused by interference from automobile electronics. In my headphones I can actually hear interference caused by a car idling on the street 2 floors below, and the hum and rumble ends up on the recording. The car drives away, the noise stops.



It is not vehicles, super quiet street and nothing has changed in the last year.


Ok. Not vehicles. On the roof of my 5-floor apartment building, two huge mobile-phone antennas, and two massive machine-like units of unknown purpose, were recently installed. Fortunately, these don't cause interference. But is it possible somewhere nearby in your neighborhood, someone got a machine or device that is causing your trouble? Maybe a hi-tech washing machine? (But probably, your pre-amp is failing.)
It is a ski resort in the off season and there is no-one else on our block. It happens anytime of day or night that I try it. If it is something, a bit of ninja/Commando sabotage might be in order ;-)
I'm in Tokyo. I can send ninjas. How many do you need?
Yup, they always match.
Close Pro Tools. Restart computer. Go into MacIntosh HD and find Digidesign database. Throw it away and empty trash. Re-open Pro Tools. This might work. It also could be a corrupt file on a recent session. Look for a file that has a strange name (xxxxyyyyyyssssttttmmmm) If you find one throw it away and empty trash.
Good Luck


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