Beware... your hard earned money may get "locked in" for many months. 
On dec 10 PayPal suspected  I was "someone else" trying to access my account and "limited my access". I can't get any of my money nor cancel my account, That meant no vacations and no Christmas presents. 
       After fulfilling all initial requirements my account is still frozen. All I get is "Cut and Paste" answers. I have found online many similar cases. People have had to wait for up to six or more months to get their money back. 
         My suspicious activity consisted in trying to buy $25 worth of Skype credit and paying a colleague for a voiceover job, while abroad in Chile, attending a Congress.

         As I read on Bloomberg Newsweek's website, through procedures like the one described PayPal extorts private info from subscribers.;jsessionid=wC...!-317503869?action=all&style=wide&productId=19032&productCode=spec,,  Slashdot.

          According to rumors, PayPal's massive freezing of assets might well be a way of solving cash flow problems due to losses in bad investments.

          My advise... it's better to play it safe and just keep in your PayPal account whatever money you may afford to lose. I reconfirmed my bank account, Credit Card and address. I changed my security questions and Password as requested... but still can't get access to my money.

          Let's hope this PayPal business won't be the next economic disaster, surpassing that of theMaddoff's scheme.

           In the mean time... we freelancers have to start thinking about alternative means to receive payments safely: Google Checkout? Craiglist?

           According to THE CONSUMERIST, PayPal is also holding back 20% of the merchant's money:

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