Paperless studio - OR: Using protools while reading from the screen

Hi all,

I just changed the setup in my vocal booth, and added a monitor, keyboard and mouse. This way, I'm able to do most of the editing work directly. (I'm in the middle of a 40 hour TV narration project).

In order to read the script AND control my Protools simultaniously, I have split my screen in two equal parts: Google docs on the upper half, and Protools on the lower half. Works fine, except when the cursor focus is in the wrong program. As a result, I get lots of spaces in my vo text and I'm scrolling up and down through my audio tracks.

How do you handle this..? Is there a smarter way? Is there a 'script buddy' plugin for Protools?

Regards from the Netherlands,

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Arno - there are obviously other solutions; multiple screens, a touchscreen monitor, etc., etc.

I'm looking into something a little different, though: an e-reader.

You've got the Kindle, Sony's PRS-300, the 600 (touchscreen), and a few more possibilities out there.

They can all read document files (PDF, TXT, etc.) or you can convert them to compatible formats.

This keeps your display separate from your copy, so no flubbing between different windows or programs, and in the case of the Kindle, allows you to download copy wirelessly to your device.

It's a different type of "out of the box" solution, which still succeeds in leaving no paper trail. Probably not the first thing anyone would think of, but it'll do the trick.
Hey dude,

I've already said "print them".Everyone thinks I want to kill a tree.

BUT, it's worthwhile to sit and review the script.

Hey, I've already invented a means of determining cellphone coverage areas.

And now I'm in the marketing business.

Print your scripts. Then review them personally. Recite them with a note of truth in your voice.

Isn't that what you're after anyway?

Use 2 screens.
Hi guys,

Someone on LinkedIn turned me to Tranzport. I allready recorded some sessions with it and it works great. I use the Tranzport simply as my controller, and I put my text fullscreen on my monitor. Only when I want to jump to a different timecode, I switch to Protools. It works great!

@Barry: It's not that I have sworn off the trees yet, I agree that it's sometimes better to print out the texts. But in this case, I have 40 programs of about 15 - 17 pages to print. And that's a bit too much for me...

Thank you all for the replies!
Hi Arno...

I use Adobe Audition 3 for voicing... it's fast, simple and it gets the job done. When I want "more"... I use Cakewlak's SONAR v8.5.2 Alos I use the double monitor setup with Audition on one xcreen and Word document displays script on second monitor. I save TONS of dough on paper and ink plus it's a snap to record ... the errant cursor dilemma haunts me too. I got a chuckle out of your post as it immediately brought up the mental image of me doing the same thing!
Where's Todd Schick to say something on the subject?
I had the Tranzport but it was crap for editing.  
Even if you go dual monitor, you will still have to focus what program you are using fro protools to PDF or whatever.
I use my IPad to read from alot and use the screen in the booth for protools only.
I only kill a tree when I know it's an ISDN session with the client that like to basically rewrite the script during the session.
That way I can mark it all up with all of the fun new last minute changes


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