I subscribed to the website several years ago.
Had better success really with my agent.
But am always looking for other money making outlets and of course more auditions and bookings.

Any opinions about voice123.com good or bad? Anyone better than they are?

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Hi Devin,

I think this is my first post (way-hey!) but you'll certainly find lots of opinion on both Voice123 and the other sites if you search the boards, both here and on some of the other VO forums, including Voice123's own forum!

The success (or otherwise) of what have become known (rightly or wrongly) as the "Pay-to-Play" sites has become something of a perennial topic.

I think they serve their place, and as far as any one (paticular site) being better.......well, hard to do with that business model. Don't get me wrong, yes it's their business model, but I think there could be a better business model to serve the niche.

But even with that being said, is the subscription used to the fullest before looking elsewhere? I'll admit sometimes I don't look at the leads i receive from a particular site for a day or two. This is a matter of how busy I am and prioritizing. After all you and I have paid for the subscription(s), so if we''re using it to the fullest extent in our marketing, then it probably is serving our interests.

I know that once I become represented I can't depend on my Agent to do all the work, and that all the work won't come from the Agent, and that I will also have to include the Agent in my marketing efforts. Open the map book, most streets are two way, this is common to business and money. It's got to flow both ways. There must be incentive for all parties involved to have a good business relationship.

I think any single marketing venue we utilize should be worked, worked, worked, and exhausted but certainly considered a "part of and not the end all be all" of our marketing efforts.

Hey, I'm not perfect, but realize that marketing is a multi faceted, never ending affair. There's more than one piece to that pie to make it whole.
Someone told me about a site called VOPlanet.com. They aslo told me was the jobs were harder to get but...they paid bigger then Voice123.com or Voices.com. I don't belong to any of these sites...yet. I'm looking for the best one. I consider it an investment in my business. I'm also seeing an agent in Feburary so I want to see how that goes first too.

Oh the other hand, Berry makes a good point. If anyone were to join these pay sites you really should use them to their fullest. If not, it's like joining Weight Watchers and never going to the meetings. eating the right food or actually losing weight! And you shouldn't expect your agent do all the work. Any more money you make on top of your agent is just gravy!

By the way...from what I hear, Voices.com seems to be the better site of the 3 I know of.

VO Planet is good! Donna has been a smart and successful agent for many years and she works hard to get scale pay from clients.

I've had far more success on Voices.com than I ever did with 1-2-3. I actually booked a couple of nice audio book deals from them. Good luck!

I was not at all saying VOPlanet is bad. Really!! I'm doing a lot of research before I join ANY of these sites (of course that's if I join any at all) and, of all the people I've talked to about VOPlanet, most of them have said that they didn't get ANY jobs on VOPlanet because most of those jobs were Union gigs. And the people I've talked to are either too picky about the jobs they take or they ONLY do Non-Union jobs....and that's it.

Of course, I also know it depends on who you ask. I do know a girl that got a VO gig for MTV from VOPlanet. Again, I'm sure it depends on who you ask. Which is another reason I LOVE this site (Voiceover Universe) I make contact with other people in my field.

Since I still work at a radio station (small market. Independently owned and operated too) before I make the switch to full time voice actor I want to make sure I know what I'm getting my self into. Which pay-to-play site is best for me...if any of them at all. I have to invest my money in what I believe will get me my best profit. After all, in this economy, we all have to be careful where we put our money.

I'm sure VOPlanet is great. But, for now, it just seems a little to expensive for me.

Thanks for your input though.

In my limited (one year of full time VO) experience Voice 123 paid for itself 20 times. The biggest work Ive gotten in the last year has come from them.

I joined VO planet, maybe three months after V123 and have yet to even get a nibble from the site. Michelle is very proactive, listens to your demos and auditions, responds with feedback and is very sweet person. But at the end of the day I still have yet to get a booking through them.

Now, onto Voices.com. I joined them a few weeks back because they claim that on average they book about a 100 projects a week. I have yet to see that. In the first week there has been maybe 10 projects up there. Maybe an off week for them.

But the piece of info I thought was the most useful was the access to the research they've conducted. The research was about how many demos clients really listen to. From my clouded memory it went something like this. 18% listen to all demos recieved. The majority however never listen to more than 50. So now I keep that in mind when deciding if I want to audition or not.

If its a bigger budget project and my demo's coming in at #132 then Ill do it. But if it is low budget and Im #132....then Ill pass on that one.

Hope this helps a little.

I'm pretty much a newbie here. In December, I joined Voices.com and was offered 2 months free with Voice123. I have not booked anything yet from either one but from the way and timing you are notified of open jobs and the budgets listed for each job, my choice by far is Voices.com. I feel they have quality posts and have an easy-to-use audition procedure. I will continue with Voices.com but will not join, as a paying member, of Voices123. I will go and check out VOPlanet.com. I do not have an agent yet. As far as I can find out, we only have one VO agent in Houston. I have sent my demo to them, but not yet received a response.
Here's my two cents: I have had the best results with Voice123....with the caveat....I am a bit lazy when it comes to auditioning on Voices.com MOST of my income derives from clients I have landed through Voice123. Many have become personal friends....and use me again and again. Voice123 tips: audition for the stuff that you want to do. There are so many jobs to choose from I only try for projects that really excite me creatively. When I like a project I tend to approach the audition as if it were the job. I don't audition for everything that comes along. This strategy has put me consistantly in the top 5 percent of feedback given to premium subscribers over the past 3 years. Pet Peeve? I wish more clients would send direct inquiries to individual talents.....I get a few here and there but it seems as if the clients are casting a wide net to see what's out there. That's good news for new talent. If you have the chops, you can get a foot in some doors that may have been closed to you in the past. Good luck y'all and hope this was helpful.
Hi Devin,

I too had better success with my agent. Unfortunately she passed away last year and I'm back to managing my career independently. I had been with my agent for almost 10 years.

I became a Premium Subscriber with Voice123 back in April of this year.
So far I have not booked anything directly through the site; when I ask for feedback on my proposals I get positive results, just no work.
I did however get a call form a Studio in Santa Monica back in July of this year because they wanted to submit me for an announcer spot. I sent them the link to my V123 profile page; form there I booked the Circle K commercial as the announcer which has now been added to my on-going demo reel.
If I was booking gigs on a regular basis through V123 then I'd say it's worth it.
But as of right now I feel I could have still booked the Circle K gig using my own personal website and saved myself the subscription fee.
I'm on the fence about whether or not to continue with them once my Premium Subscription runs out.
I have until this April to find the secret to booking gigs with them; so we'll see what happens in the months to come.
I prefer my agent and other VO websites to voices123.com. There is no guarantee that you will get paid for your voices and many people post auditions, take the audio files and never pay the talent not to mention the high prices as opposed to other sites.


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