Which is best to have in your arsenal, an animation demo or a narration demo? I will eventually have both, but financially can only begin training in one now. Which is the way to go to start? Any advice? Thanks

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Which one do you feel strongest and most comfortable in, have more experience doing, and/or have more opportunities available to audition for (and actually make the session if you're selected)?

Ordinarily, I'd say narration's the one that'd probably get you more work in more venues - but I note you're in LA, where there's probably more local opportunities in animation available than anywhere else in the world, which is awesome if that's your preference.  

That said, I'll paraphrase something Bob Bergen (voice of Porky Pig and fellow VU member) tells folks:

Regularly booking "good" animation gigs requires having good acting ability, and if you don't have a really good animation demo together - or multiple demos, as he recommends if you do a lot of different stuff, preferably with real jobs you've done - don't bother seeking work in it until you do.

I highly advise checking out Bob's website for these and other helpful career tips, and taking workshops with him whether you're serious about animation or not - since he's in LA too, I'd also recommend looking into his local offerings; I do more commercial work than animation (though I'm so busy with the former right now I only get to work sporadically on the latter), but still have hugely benefitted from his knowledge and insights of the biz, which are vast, amazing, and totally spot-on. 

These are just my thoughts and opinions, of course, but you know your situation, limits, and abilities best - good luck in whichever you choose, or both!


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