I got booked to be the voice of "Texas Steakhouse." My very first PAYING voiceover gig and it was 3 TV spots and 1 radio spot! Not bad for my first session! lol. They will be playing in West Virginia, Virginia, and Georgia. I made more money in 35 minutes in the studio than I earn in 2 1/2 - 3 weeks at my regular job. I'm so excited!!! I've only been doing auditions for three weeks or so and I already got booked. It's very encouraging.

You can hear my "demo" if you want to call it that, that the studio produced. Keep in mind that they produce their own demos for "free" to the talent, but since I'm non-union still, you get what you pay for, lol. I wrote almost all the reads for the demo because they didn't have anything for me to read, and I'm quoting the producer here, "at the level of my vocal talent." I think he was just being polite... or sarcastic. :)


The catch is that I don't get a copy of the "free" demo for personal use, nor do I get copies of my work for personal use. Although, they will update my demo with real gigs if they are better than what I've already got. I know Bob says not to do impressions or character voices for demos, but I merely followed what the producers asked for. Apparently, they don't have a great deal of character actors or impressionists in their talent roster other than generic accents and "surfer dudes," etc.

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Congratulations to you. Remember, if times get tough, the feeling you have right now. That will serve as a reminder and motivation to keep you going. Great news.

Thanks, I will definitely look back on this moment for encouragement!
Congratulations J.C.,

Great feeling huh? You deserve it. Your impressions are awesome and I can tell you truly love vamping behind the mic!

it is an absolutely amazing feeling, lowell! appreciate the compliments, btw. you know, i thought i would be nervous, but i wasn't at all! i had a great time. the producer said that i was courteous, took direction well, was quick at getting what the cliemt wanted, and made the client laugh (i read the first few lines of one of the spots asgeorge w. since it was a texas steakhouse commercials while we were waiting for the producer to de-breath the spot). he said if didn't already know that it was my first session, he wouldn't be able to tell. :D
lol. thanks, Bob. I'm still curious why the producers didn't want me doing any of my natural voice.... maybe my own voice sucks so bad, they just wanted impressions? lol

Nice demos!! To look at your profile pic and hear those voice impressions just BLOWS me away! No offense but you look so squeeky clean and then here comes all these great voice impressions!! LOVED the JACK and JILL bit! Your Robert Stack is awesome too. In my opinion you'll do very well in this biz! With consistent marketing and the right location you'll do great! Keep the humor in your work....the dry spells can be mentally frustrating!!

Tommy Chalker
Thanks for the great compliment, Tom. I try to keep humor in my line of work. I wrote all the bits myself except for "King Tut's Tomb," "Blackbeard," and of course Shakespeare might have been borrowed. :)

Actually, I may be going over to IMI Music to do stand-up, music albums, and commercials/audiobooks, etc. I met a great guy on-line that heard my stuff and they want me intergrated into as many forms of media that my "talents" will allow me to be involved with. I will have to make frequent trips to Nashville, but I'd be able to quit my day job! So doors and windows seem to be opening! I remail very realistic, but I can't help but feel a little optimism.
Wooo Hooo J.C. way to go!!!! Here's to many many more!!!
Ya! Thanks. I got another one today! Intermountain Healthcare in Utah. Almost a week's pay in 15 minutes!!!! =D
You're rollin' J.C.!!!! keep the momentum!
;) i will do my best!


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