My current microphone has crapped out on me. Has anyone used any of the MXL Series Microphones?

Also has anyone had experience with the new TLM 102, if so what are your thoughts on it and do any of the MXL microphones compare to the TLM 102 or 103?
Thanks very much for your help.

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I have an MXL 2003 and a TLM 103........... The MXL's have more of a high end on them...and the TLM's are a little "richer".
They do sound different, and at times the MXL sounded better on my voice for many projects, so I used that mic for a number of years. Many of the MXL's are a lot cheaper than the Neumann, if cost is a factor.

Just my 2 cents............BRIAN
Hey CJD, I use the MXL 990 standard (non usb) for most projects. It works well for mid voice ranges like mine. However I can work it closer to get more bass and warmth with good results. It's a great durable all around mic I've found- but I emphasize and have heard that it's good for mid range voices, not so much deeper voices. Hope that helps.

I've never used an MXL but I own a TLM 103 and I also have a Studio Projects C1 that sounds incredible (just a hair brighter than the TLM 103). If you're trying to save a few bucks I'd recommend checking out the C1 it costs about a third of what the TLM 103's go for.
I still use the old MXL 1003. If you can even find one anymore, it's a great mic. Marshall makes cheap but decent microphones, that's for sure -- emphasis on "cheap." Mine was 99 bucks!
Stay away from MXl mics. The best mic to use under @200.00 is the Akg perception 200.
A great mic will be suitable for any type of voice. Cheap Mics have narrow use.
Take this from full time studio engineer and part time live engineer.
I have a MXL 990 - I use it occasionally when I need two mics for dual reads. It has a less responsive high end than my "main" Mic - An Audio Technica 4030.
That's about all I can tell you. Good low end. - If I do sessions with women - I use the AT instead, but the MXL is pretty good for lower voices.

Tim Powell

I use a MXL 2003 and MXL V57M. I love them both. no problems at all. I had a EV RE20 (dynamic) before. It served me well too.


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