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I read recently in the book, Voice Actors Guide to Recording at Home... and on the Road ( by Harlan Hogan and Jeffery P. Fisher,) that the MXL 909 ($70.00) in blind tests is just about as strong (through a good mic pre) as the Sennheiser 416 ($1000+.) Well for $70.00, I just had to see for myself. This test is unprocessed, going clean into an mbox2.

So, you be the judge.

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I appreciate you stopping by to have a listen! For better or worse, the 909 paints a pretty honest picture of the voice going into it... if you can actually paint a picture of a voice.
" You are a God among insects; don't ever let anyone tell you different. "

I am a fan and I am humbled in a way I did not expect. Thank you.

I apologize for quoting an X-men movie in response to your fine edit of my vocal. Maybe next we can talk about promo reading technique and I'll quote my favorite line from Jar Jar in Star Wars episode one.

I agree, it is a clean sounding mic. I would like to hear side by side comparison though. Cut about 20-30 seconds of audio using each mic. Don't tell which is which, and see which one wins.

Thanks for having a listen!
Ideally, a comparison test of 2 mics would be the same voice, reading the same copy, with the same delivery into the 2 mics in question going into the exact same rig with no processing. I don't have a 416, so I couldn't really make that happen.


I really appreciate your input! I can understand with your voice why you're not a big fan of the 416. If you step a little closer to any mic with that rich bass/baritone of yours, you can use proximity to accomplish the same effect most fellas go for with the 416.
I'll definitely buy that the 909 is not " as good " as the 416, and for 70 bucks what can you really expect. But, if the 909 has some undesired, audible " metallic edge " which could cost one bookings and cause a client to be unhappy, that's a real problem.
Your experience and input is very helpful and most welcome!

Be well,
Daniel Wright


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