I've got my home studio down to a Science.  Now looking to put together a mobile system that does not compromise my studio sound.

Anyone want to share what they are using or have any advice on equipment?


Many thanks in advance.


Jerry Pelletier

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Hi Jerry.

I think that the main goal is that your mobile setup needs to SOUND like your home setup. you need to duplicate your gear as closely as you can... Now, if you have a rack of processing and a bunch of outboard hardware, that won't be possible, but if you use very little in the way of processing, you should be able to get yourseld a USB interface to your lappy and plug your mic into it. I haev a Shure device, but there is another one out there called a Mic Port. There are several mobile solutions out there. The big question is "What are you using at home"?


Thanks for the input.  Using Mojave MA-200 Tube and Sennheiser 416 mic's, with Fireface400 D/A, Avalon Pre amp. I've put together a Pelican travel case and put together the following for my mobile so far. M-Audio Profire 610 A/D, Sennheiser 416, Sony Laptop w/Adobe Audition, and Source Connect.  It's a little more than most, but I do have clients that will want to use SC, and the others can patch in with Skype.  Sounds good and there are always some VST plug ins for processing if needed.

Your thoughts?

Jerry Pelletier


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