I just had a talk with the good folks at Umano, a great mobile news app that features voice talent reading news articles for people on the go. They have a new version coming soon, and I'm not allowed to give details out but they're featuring the voice talent in a big way that would be awesome for promoting yourself and your work.

There's a catch though. You're not working for free, but it's very, very close to that. And when you're in the rotation, you need to be up at 6am Eastern to record your spots.

Again, these people seem like really nice, smart guys, and they're clearly good app developers and software engineers. But I wouldn't go to them for V/O work unless you want to work in exchange for exposure only. Which might not be that bad, since their app is used internationally (including a large user base in Japan and South Korea that use it to learn English) and has been featured prominently on both the iPhone app store and Google Play's store.

Anyway, thought you guys might want to know whats up with the app since it's been getting some coverage in the news lately.

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