Hey everyone....

I need some professional advice.... 

 i have changed my whole setup due to a move from South Africa to Sweden. I will also be traveling between Sweden and Poland quite a lot  so now i need to change how i will record.... minimal equipment... mic, laptop portabooth etc... 

at the moment i have a Rode NT2 A...... either i need to purchase a USB adapter like the Shure X2U which look like it might do the trick so i can use my Rode Mic.... or i need to invest in a USB mic.....  

my question is.... do i go with an adapter... or can you recommend a better solution in a different USB microphone... which USB miss are best.....



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Jason - 

You'll be way, WAY better off investing a high quality portable USB preamp the X2U or a CEntrance MicPort Pro than a dedicated USB mike.

Portable preamps are far more flexible and let you work with a far wider array of mikes, from the el-cheapo Chinese stuff to top-shelf gear, including pretty much all of the expensive VO industry standards (Neumanns, Sennheiser, etc)....if it has an XLR out jack, one of these will probably work with it.

While there are a few decent and quite usable USB mikes out there, and lots of VO artists use them, the specs of many are just so-so if you're going to do high-end VO work; you'll be locked into the sound of whichever you buy, and as you use it, you may discover later it wasn't the right fit for your voice to begin with.

Also, if the mike portion of a USB mike should ever fail, you're sunk, whereas with one of these, you can borrow, rent, or buy another mike and get right back into the game.

Another nicety, as stupid and as simple as it sounds, is that many USB mikes don't have a loud, dedicated headphone jack to monitor with, while these do; while it's not a necessity if your computer has a headphone out, once you've used one like the ones on these, you realize just how valuable (and so much better) they are. 

Instead of having to risk potentially selling the whole thing for a new one a few times until you find one that might the right fit, and possibly even miss out on work in the process, I and many others say it's a much better plan to future-proof and get one of these, and pair it with a standard XLR mike you know that's a good match for your specific voice, budget, and job/client requirements - when possible, it's always preferable to bite the bullet and invest in your gear upfront, rather than compromise and wind up spending more later. 

Also: while the X2U and the MicPort are nearly identical in sound, audio specs, and features, the MicPort seems to have a few more things that give it the edge when others have compared it in shootouts....Google is your friend here.

Just few thoughts from a guy who owns 3 MicPorts (and 2 FireWire interfaces, 3 hardware preamps, and a dozen or so mikes and counting)....

- SG


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