Hi everyone! I've been using a USB Snowball mic in a portable VO box in my closet, and it's becoming clear that in order to compete professionally, I need a better mic. But when I try to research, I'm overwhelmed at all the options, especially when I hear about all the variations with audio interfaces! Are there any female VO artists out there that can chime in and let me know what works for my type of voice? Or a few options to consider? It must have the following attributes:

1) Lower cost. Definitely under $500, including the preamp or connection system. The lower the better, obviously, but needs to be able to handle voiceover work at a pro level, enough to complete some jobs.2) Doesn't pick up too much noise in a less-than-ideal studio environment. I make the place as quiet as possible, but I don't have a dedicated studio.

3) Works well with higher pitched voices. I have a "Disney Princess" type speaking sound, and also do young children's cartoon voices. So all these reviews I read about how great some mics sound with deep, resonant voices don't help much, haha!

What should I look at? I'm open to getting a used mic, too, just need to know what to look for. Thanks!

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