I've done a number of radio and TV station's imaging over the years, but never sought it out... Up to now, they've all tracked me down on someone's recommendation. Well, now I'm thinking I should pursue more of that sort of work. How should I go about marketing myself to radio and TV stations, and how do I find what the typical rate structure looks like for this kind of work? I'm attracted to the retainer aspect; regular, predictable income! I've had about 30 years of "feast and famine", the old cash-flow rollercoaster, and would like to smooth it all out a bit.

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I agree... It dates back to when I started doing FTP delivery of audio in the early 90's (I was a little ahead of that trend). I needed a domain name my clients could remember easily, and "mrvo" was the only workable 4-letter dot-com still available, at the time. It made it easy for them to remember (the web hadn't worked out the relationships between email, browsers, and links at that time) and the appellation "caught on" here in the Southeast. As my client base expanded across the country, I didn't step back to see the arrogant impression it might give those who haven't known me for years. I see it now, and realize I have to back out of it. Remembering the domain is no longer an issue, and I don't need gimmicky names to promote myself. Thanks for giving me that perspective.
Can't speak of teevee, but radio people are a little distracted right now. If they're not being forced to change anything, I see a LOT of status quo until "job security" becomes more... secure. Well, "secure" by radio's standards, anyhoo. Use the time to train and hone in on those things you'll need when the market turns around. Listen around, seek coaches, create demos, and MOST importantly make some pals. As for "Mr. VO"... you've got a cool name. Why?
Thanks Chadd... "a little distracted" is putting it nicely, I think. I have many friends in radio, having spent over 15 years behind a broadcast console myself, and they're not exactly comfy with the status quo. I guess now is not such a hot time to try landing a steady imaging gig, but you're right about keeping up the networking. Demos are tough for radio image work, though. You almost have to go in prepared to do a custom audition, using the station's own style and format... Same for coaches. With station imaging, the PD is going to be the only "coach" who'll steer you in the right direction for that particular frequency. The best thing I've got going for me is doing the intros for several of "Zone Radio Imaging's" online station jingle demos. They're quirky, and reflect the styles of several different radio formats. Could be my "foot in the door...."
And "why Mr.VO"? See my response to J S Gilbert in the VBB at VU. Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it.


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