Hi all, I'm planing on redoing my home studio this year and upgrade some equipment. I've always used a PC but have had a lot of problems lately with Windows. I have Vista right now and have constant trouble with it closing programs because it detects some unknown problem, usually when I'm in the middle of doing something, then I have to start over. It's a real pain!!! I'm thinking of trying a MAC for the first time but I really like Adobe Audition and it is not available for MAC. I need some pros and cons to help make my mind up. I know what I don't like about Windows, but I don't know anything about MAC. Any input will be very helpful. Thanks, Mike

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I run 3 Macs plus XP, Vista and WIndows 7 using Parallels virtual machines. I would say that once you transition to a Mac you will wonder why you stayed with Windows soooo long. You get what you play for. On the Mac you can use Garage Band. Audacity, Twisted Wave, or Protools LE. I personally run Protools with an MBox 2 Pro.

Best of luck!

Hi Al, Thanks for the input. From everything I've been hearing it looks like I will try a MAC this time around. I just hate to give up Audition, but some people have said there is a way to run it on a MAC so I will check into that a little more. Thanks again Al. Mike
Hiya Mike...

Hopefully, with Mac's own built-in Windows environment, known as "Boot Camp" you should be able to install and run Audition.

Here's the trick. Boot Camp allows you to partition your Mac's hard drive, into separate compartments for Mac and Windows. The Program then allows you to install Windows on your Mac, and then you have a dual boot system. So, you can simply hold down the option key on your Mac when starting it up, and it will give you the choice of either booting up in Windows or Mac OSX.

This is the most stable and processor friendly way to run PC programs, especially resource hungry ones like Audio editors. The real hitch seems to be more in certain external audio devices may not play so well with Windows under Boot Camp. Google around and see if you can find anyone having issues running Adobe Audition in Windows, on a Mac, using Bootcamp.

I think it should work though. I've got several macs, all of them running Windows XP / Windows 7 under Boot Camp, and they run AudioTX ( ISDN software codec ) perfectly.

Good luck, and enjoy your Mac!

Mike Bratton

And, as a quick followup...

Here's a link from folks at adobe...

Hey Mike, Thanks a lot for the link. I heard a little about being able to run Windows programs on MAC but did not know any specifics. This really helps. Thanks again, Mikw

Just FYI - I run Parallels on all my Mac so I can simultaneously run the Mac OS and XP, or Vista, or Windows 7. I actually run Solaris and SUSE LInux also. That said I have not tried to run Audition.


Hi Al, With everything i"ve heard, I think I'll try a Mac when I make my changes this year. It looks like it's much more reliable than Windows. Thanks for all the input. Mike

When the time comes if you need help ....


Hi Al, As I learn more about the MAC, I'm sure thats the way I'll go when I re-do my studio later this year. I'm sure I'll have more questions when the time comes. Thanks, mike
Hey Mike-Maybe you (or anyone else :) can help steer me to the Mac side. I am not a computer geek or extremely tech savvy. I've been running my VO business with Dells and with little if any complaints.My trepidation arises from ..."will I still be able to use Audacity if I need to,still use my DBX 286A,create MP3's,covert WAV or Aiff to MP3,somehow get all of my current audio files (music,effects) over from my PC to the Mac? Is the Mac quiet? There are lots of Macs out there.How would I know the best one to choose and for a reasonable amount of $$$? At our local Apple store,when I've asked about recording voice,not many have the answers I'm looking for. Any suggestions....anyone...anyone....?   : ) Ed

They are working on a mac friendly verison of Adobe Audition :) I'm not sure what the requirements are but here's a link for more information:



Also here is a great tweaking article from Sweetwater Sound for Vista and they have one for Windows 7.  Obviously travel with care here.  I optimized my pc for audio and that's all it is used for.  It isn't even connected to the internet except for updates that i hand pick and some software loads. 




As far as the pc/mac debate. . .you can tweak all the live long day on a pc (great for people who like to adjust and problem solve a lot.)  I do some, but not in the middle of a large project.  Mac seems to be a "crank it up and go" and it does what it was designed to do usually without fail for a long time.

Good Luck!




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