I've been into voice over and production for a while now, but I'm looking to take my voice over work to the next level.  How should I go about looking for a voice over coach that can help me develop into a more mature artist as well as help me develop the connections I need to be more successful?

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I'd be happy to help and I'm well known to be able to get you into many different usable voices instantly and try to make you my competition.  lani@audiogodz.com  I don't make a living coaching so I'm not trying to sell you.  But if you talk to anyone who has been coached by me....well....enough said

Larry,  Feel free to visit my site, look at the services, review the testimonials, and please get back back to me with any questions you may have.  I have been casting and coaching for twenty years now and there's nothing i love more to do than to work with people in allowing their creativity to come out and play!

Best, Lesley

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