Hi everyone, I was asked by a company to record two audiobooks that need to be within 30 days.

My question is, how many hours would it take to record 400 and 600 pages, and 1000 pages?

Or, how many pages per hour?


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Hi Mike. Question....How fast do you speak? I haven't done any audiobooks, but I have done narrations and it really depends upon the mood of the text, the characters in the book, and so on. What I suggest is to time yourself reading at least 5 pages and then do some math to come up with an "average" time per page. I emphasize that this is only going to be an average and having seen the actual script-book- whatever, will help you to adjust the time element and come up with a better estimation. I hope someone might have a better answer, but this should get you started. Break a leg !

What Barry says is true, although that is how long it will take to record the raw audio.  I recently recorded my first audio book, and the company estimated the length of finished audio at ten and a half hours.  I ended up with about thirty to thirty five hours of work, including the initial (non-recorded) read to familiarize myself with the book, the actual recording of the book, and editing of the audio.  There was also an hour or two of pick-ups (no matter how careful you are, you'll miss something).  My book was about 325 pages in length.  I know this is late, but maybe it'll be helpful for someone else.


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