I have a recording studio (nothing fancy) out of my home which seems to generate decent sound and is fine for auditions and jobs that I can record on my own time. I can stop/start when the landscapers rev up, a big plane goes by, my kids are being kids etc. But I would love to hear how some of you handle scheduling recording jobs when the client wants to be in on the session (via phone patch etc.?) Because invariably that is exactly when my neighbor decides to start their home imporvement project using some loud machinery in their driveway! Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Lissa Henige
"Words From the Heart"

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The next best suggest is to get a vocal booth. Though they do not promise to totally eliminate the sound, they do however, lower the noise considerably.
Thanks Zurek! I have looked into those and it is an option. I can also book one of the local recording studios here in town if necessary. I was just wondering how other people handled that aspect - maybe not too many clients want to patch in to the session?


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