I have representation in 2 different parts of the country and they send me a lot of the same auditions. Is it unethical or against the rules to submit through both agents? Am I increasing the odds of booking? Can I get in some kind of trouble if I am found out? If both of me are put on hold for the spot, and then one of me is released, should I be happy or sad? Thanks!

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I appreciate the reply, Phillip. I AM repped by Atlas for " real, " but the other 2 I like auditioning through because I never like to not be doing anything.
There are at least a couple ways to look at this, and each have some validity.

In general, I go with whoever sends it to me first. OR if one of them actually CALLS me, I'll go with them, so long as I haven't already recorded for the other agency.

I used to respond to both. I had different name slates and also opted to do entirely different takes for each audition - utilizing some vocal quality adjustments, speaking more or less from the diaphragm and so forth.

Certainly did it to "cover my tracks", but also - like you - wondered if I might have a better chance.

And why would we think we can increase our booking odds? Well, we're throwing in 2 chances vs. 1. We're banking on a client NOT listening to every audition, so if we put 2 in the pile, the chances 1 of them will get listened to are higher.

All of this is true. But what if a client listens to every audition? What are the chances a client will contact one or both of your agents and say, "Hey, y'know Dan Wright?..."

Probably minimal. But if you "get caught", you could possibly lose one or both of your representatives. Or they'd say a big "whatever" and move on. Unless you can read the mind of your agent, there's little point in worrying about what they will do.

So what will YOU do? After about 3 months of dual-submitting on some projects, I frankly have too many auditions to keep working one of them to death, and I won't send the same thing to two different people; if it didn't work once, it won't work twice. But if it DOES work once, do I want them to hear me double-dipping? Ah...NO.

If you are going to send out to two different agents, at least submit two entirely different auditions - at least this way, you gain the singular benefit of discovering a couple different ways to work the copy. And then if you have the benefit of using an alias with one agent but your real name with another, all the better.

But really, I'd suggest putting your best audition forward with the agency who either (a) gets you the copy first or (b) gives you the best terms when you book a job. Of course, you can always change your mind on what to do. Just don't shoot yourself in the foot.
I sincerely appreciate you taking the time, Ed. ' First Come. First Served... unless terms of the agreement are better with the second. '
I'll save the multiple takes for one submitted mp3.
Submit to whoever sent the audition opportunity first.

If you want to provide multiple takes, provide multiple takes.


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