Is anyone interested in a HANDS-ON editing clinic?

I'll be in Southern California in early November and I'm hoping to present a hands-on editing clinic. If anyone is interested or has students that might benefit, let me know.

Regards to all,

Dan Lenard :-3)
The Home Studio Master

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Hello Dan,

There seem to be a lot of shy people out there, I know for a fact as I get calls all the time about recording software and learning to use them, record, edit, make MP3's and such. What I'd recommend is reaching out to voice coaches in the areas you will be visiting and have them reach out to their students and setup a workshop. I've done this many times with success. Break a leg !
Hi Barry,

That's my plan. I did this in NYC with Voice Over Extra and we're talking about doing another one. I've spoken with two of top guys in LA and they concur. I think its just a matter of getting the date down and finding the right venue.

This one I want to zero in on more advanced editing for new home studio folks. They know how to hit record and do some basic stuff, but learning some advanced techniques and theory is what separates someone who can produce more advanced material and some one just doing auditions from home.

Please keep me in the loop.
Thanks Dan.
Get back to me when you come to Chicago!!


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