I'm The Voice Of....."Titanic : The Artefacts Exhibition" at Melbourne Museum, Australia

I'm very fortunate to have been cast as the narrator for the exhibition, which is currently underway at Melbourne Museum until mid-October.

There was a US version, but they wanted to localise it.

There are demos for it on my website, and I've attached it to this post :)

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cool, Paul! ok, let's see...call 1-800-Priceline, that's me being perky and welcoming you; stand in the lobby of the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston at Christian Science Plaza, I voice the biography exhibit...go to some of the Hilton resports in the Caribbean, I'll be the voice on youir info channel...my friends were freaked out when they heard my voice in the middle of their honeymoon!
Mary Baker Eaddy! She was quite an interesting lady and quite a strong-willed woman, too.
Very nice work, Paul. Congratulations on a job well done.

Donna Summers
Paul I visited the exhibition recently...Great Job!


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