I'm the voice of "Titanic : The Artefacts" Exhibition in Australia

Hey all..

Just wanted to let you know that today I completed the recording session for "Titanic : The Artefacts" exhibition, running May - October 2010 here in Melbourne, Australia.

It's going to be via the "audio wand" type of setup, and I'm the official narrator for the exhibition, which is quite a long program.  It was nice to be chosen from the auditions :)

There was a US version but they wanted to localise it.

I'll post a demo in due course.

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Hi Paul,

Congratulations! Sounds like an extremely complex exhibit. Anyway, I have done my share of museum tours and exhibit VO work and it is truly fascinating. Kudos.

Oh wow! That sounds like a fantastic scoop, Paul.

My girlfriend works in the museum industry, specifically in curation, so we were already headed to check out this exhibit, but now I've got double the reasons. Would love to hear a demo if you can post it, too.

If it's not impolite to ask, I'm curious as to how you found out about the job? Was it through personal contacts, or did you find out about it through ArtsHub or a similar resource?
Hey Kevin, nice to see another Aussie here :)
I'll be uploading the demo tomorrow...and the exhibition is really good, you won't regret going.  The audio tour is only another $6.

I found out about it on Starnow.com - casting website only costs about $20/year from memory.  I don't have agent myself, I just find the work and deal direct ;)


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