I just got my voice demo and not happy with it what can I do to make it better

Hi Guys, I just got my narration and commercial demo, Im not happy with it, I feel I can do much better now listining to it. can someone listen to them and give your oppinons and maybe some advice...

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Brilliant Philip....the intuitive nature of this craft is so rarely, if ever expounded upon. The best coach will help you take off the masks of "experience", "technique" and "training" to reveal your true intuitive self.
Hey Daniel,

I worked with the same studio that produced your demo. SAV. I had them produce mine too back in the fall of 2006. I have listened to your demos and I find that you do have a distinct voice... your voice TONE reminds me of the Motel 6 commercials. Kinda laid back. However your voice fluctuation doesn't change enough from word to word.

I too agree with Philip Banks. Voice Over/Acting is something that has to be intuitive. Oh sure some voice acting can be directed by the producer or director but the balance of the skill has to be inside you waiting to come out. Trust me people have said I have a great voice.... but I haven't perfected myself to be able to land that HUGE gig...yet through practice as well as doing voice over work for different clients, producers, and directors I continue to "hone" my skills.

I have been behind a microphone for 15 years and I admit that..."I can't be everything to everybody.....but I CAN be something to somebody." There are auditions where I didn't get the part. There are clients I have lost (just recently) due to someone else doing it better...or maybe due to budget cuts. Either way voice over....wait...voice ACTING...is being able to go out there and find your niche.

Voice acting ...or any business for that matter is like a wheelbarrow....a wheelbarrow only works if you fill it...and PUSH IT!!! If doing voice overs is truly a PASSION...then by all means ....heed the advice of some the more seasoned VO artists and keep pushing your wheelbarrow. If your passionate enough about VO you'll find a way to get better at it!

Always remember..."You can't be everything to everybody....but you can be something to somebody!!!


Tommy Chalker
OK Daniel... As a talent agent, I am going to be brutally honest with you... What kind of training do you have at this point? Whoever produced your demo should have never taken your money & should have told you that you were not yet ready... IMHO shame on them. How much did they charge you for this? Your voice is rather flat & there isn't much emotion in your reads. In your commercial demo the only one I would keep is the hospital spot. In your narration demo, the Tom Hanks spot is ok, the ducks spot had some life & personality in it - you need to bring that kind of personality into every spot. The plain & simple fact is that you are not ready to produce a demo yet... You need further training before you take that step & you won't regret it in the long run. With more training & direction - THEN producing your demo - you are going to listen back to these demos & listen to the new demos & they will sound like night & day. First impression is everything & your demo is just that - your first impression. Clients, agents, casting directors, producers etc. will remember if you were good or not so good & if you were not so good - that impression will remain with them. Make sure your first impression is the best it can possibly be!

Shoot me an email - If you are up for some brutally honest direction, feedback & guidance, I can set aside some time to go over some copy together & I can help you with your reads. I do one hour consults as a part of our Kryptonite membership at www.VOplanet.com but I will set aside 30 minutes or so free of charge just so that we can get you pointed in the right direction. I can also make some referrals to get you training that will truly help you enhance your voice & reading skills because 30 minutes or so with me is not enough. The people in your area that I can refer you to will give you an honest assessment as to when you are ready to produce a demo or not. I would also like to suggest some improv classes. I know in Atlanta - there are some places you can join for free - not sure about your area. Are you closer to LA or Sand Diego or...? Let me know - I can do some research to see what I can find. Acting classes are just as important as the voice over classes because VO is acting - not just reading & having a good voice. You have to understand the copy & bring your personality into it. There are so many different factors that people just don't know or understand about getting into voice over. A good coach will help point you in the right direction & you yourself should do the research & ask questions to make sure your next step is always the right one. There are those of us out here who will help you & not charge you for the input. Don't be afraid to ask. Here are some helpful links for you too:




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