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I have purchased a snowball mic to submit myself for auditions. I am using audacity. When I am recording I can hear myself but delayed; it makes it impossible to read at my best. Have you ever had this problem? Need help?

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I doubt it has anything, directly to do with the mic....what interface (box between the mic and the computer) are you using?

No interface. It's a USB mic that goes directly into my laptop.

hmmm...I don't know anything about usb mics...sorry I couldn't be more help with this>>>

Does the mic have a headphone jack? You would PROBABLY get ZERO latency monitoring if you plug a headphone into it....where are you hearing this echo? (please don't say "in my headphones") haha...

no the mic doesn't have a headphone jack. I plug my headphones to my laptop. Yes, I hear delay in my headphones. LOL

Hopefully, I will figure this out soon.  Thanks!

yeah...the echo is "latency" I could explain it here but that won't get rid of it.  If you had a headphone jack in the mic or you were using an actual interface NOT monitoring thru the computer...that would probably solve the problem.  


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