Here Is A Good Discussion For The Group. How Much Is Too Much Compression And Processing?

Or What is a Good Beginner Setting for someone In The Voice Over World. I Found Out the hard way that different TV & Radio Station Use Different Processing and with each station having there own Different Processing. With the way you deliver your audio now via mp3 then the station isn't there for you to listen to your own work and then on each person Voice Over Setup with the External Compressor & then there Internal Compression how do all the big wig configure there set up? do they have different preset they Use for Say 1 TV station and then use a 2 Preset For this TV station or do they use one setting for everyone and if so What setting would be a good Starting Point For External & Internal Compression. As I have learned from the past that there is such a thing as Too Much Compression after the fact that of the external & Internal and had to redo a spot so any and all information would be a great need. as I wasn't born with the gift of the golden voice just the gift to bring the golden voice sound good. 


Brent "Romeo" Knight

Songbird Production

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A few years ago a female VO called me with the exciting news that she had just received her new Focusrite Voicemaster Pro.


"What's the best setting for it?" she asked with eager anticipation.


"Bypass" I responded.


"You're just a sh*t!" she laughed.


Although the above is the tale of some light-hearted banter, essentially that is the truth. With a good mic, A GOOD MIC, as opposed to one you think might be a good mic, a great sounding room and nothing added in terms of EQ and processing you will be supplying producers with everything they need.


Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH? Yes. When the letter P soounds like a SAAB door slamming and when the Ss are like cold bacon being dropped into a hot frying pan.  The trick is to ensure that you sound your best and that people in the business don't try to guess the mic and the pre. It's a bit like the best VO demos, you find yourself listening to the content and forget that you're listening to a VO demo.

Great Room, Great Mic, anything beyond that should be applied with the loving kindness of gunpowder in a room full of sparklers.  :) What ever is done, it should sound as if it wasn't.  It's audio and audio is mysterious.  Part math, part art.  Basically the analytical part of the equipment/effect should not encroach and certainly not overshadow the art that is your particular unique set of voice details and don't get sucked into the loudness insanity.  Gunpowder!


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