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First a bit of background... I was contacted by a production company in November of last year to do a trailer vocal for them. They asked what I would charge. I thought this would be a great opportunity to bring my new agent into the discussion. I figured it would allow fthem to see what kind of clients I work with and help develope a working relationship between my new agent and myself....Well... I did the job in December and I waited... And waited... And waited.... Until finally in mid Feb. I finally called the agent to find out when I was going to get paid for the job. I was shocked to be told that it could take 90 to 120 days for payment to reach me! I looked at the contract I signed with them, and there was nothing in the contract about 90 to 120 days to get paid. I mentioned this to the agent and they just said, "Yeah we need to put that in there." Then they went on to tell me that it was industry standard to wait that amount of time, and that if I want my check faster I had to send them a bunch of SASE.

Needless to to say, it is now mid March and after a bunch of phone calls, and a letter threatening to revoke the right of use of the vocal...the check has finally arrived... to the agent (or so they claim). Now they say I have to wait until the check clears in their bank before they'll send me my money.

This has been my first experience with having an agent, and it has really left a sour taste in my mouth.

How long would you wait for a check...30 days?...60 days?....120 days?

Talk Soon,

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I have had a similiar experience a couple of times..I am very lucky in that 95% of my agents are on top of this and always have it spelled out to the client how soon the client needs to pay the talent . I think that's one of those things you need to learn to address in the negotiation stage . It's just simple good business practice . Unfortunately , it sometimes falls through the cracks . 98% of the stuff I do ... both regional and national , is paid within 60 days ..most in 30.

30 to 60 days is normally what I wait for my agent to get the money to me. Another agent I have to track down and dog to get him to send the check, the right amount, and so on... I don't do a lot of work with that agent. One client I have takes 6-9 weeks to pay the agent, then add another week or so for the agent to get the money out, it can take a while.

But that's what working for yourself, (even if you have an agent, you ARE working for yourself) can entail. I had an Uncle in the construction business, he called it the constriction business because most of his clients took 180 days or more to pay... count yourself lucky!


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