I feel as though there is some secret code when clients post a voice description for auditions. I've heard a lot of negative things about Studio Center, but they MORE than supplemented my income last year due to lack of work at my job. Now that I'm auditioning full-time, I'm already getting more gigs, but I feel like I'm LOSING a lot of potential sessions because I'm just not understanding what the client wants!

I will list a few examples... I get an audition via e-mail for the TN DOT (that's the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation, fyi) and the VOICE DESCRIPTION says that they want: "MALE VO, 30-40, SARCASTIC, DENNIS LEARY-TYPE, etc." I assume I understand what they want and give them the wise-guy voices I think they are looking for. So I hear the radio spot/see the tv spot for the ad that I auditioned for and the guy that they hired to do it (which of course isn't me) doesn't sound ANYTHING like a wise-cracking, Dennis Leary-type! It's just a young-sounding, 20-30 yr old, dry read, in my opinion. I have a good ear for voices and I just didn't see that coming. It was actually very close to my own normal voice. So how do I decipher the clients' code and figure out what they REALLY want when they post a voice description? I feel very confident that I would get more gigs if I just grasped what they want. Any suggestions or tips?

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Studio Center is one of those companies that gets on my butt if I ignore ANY auditions... they specifically ask EVERYone to do EVERY audition unless they are physically unable to. I still ignore ones I don't feel "suit" me or I'm not right for, but they are very, very strict about all the talents auditioning as much as possible. The producers have all told me the same thing Bob Bergen told me, the client only listens to the first 10 seconds of a clip before moving on to the next talent, so that's usually what I do... I will do two or three takes of the first line or two or first paragraph and let that be it... and it was fairly effective. THEN Studio Center sent out a mass e-mail to all talent nationwide and said that effective immediately, all talent is to read at least one minute's worth of the script (if the scripts were that long or longer) of every audition at the request of the clients. So now, I've not got much choice but to read more. With the less-than-stellar demo that Studio Center produced for me, I will most certainly not get MORE work from my demos than just doing requested auditions. Maybe this clarifies my situation a little better.


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