Woke up sounding like Darth Vader's voice had been spliced into my larynx. I have a session in an hour...been swilling hot beverages (coffee so far, will switch to tea in a few min.), inhaling sterm, doing lozenges, and inverted yoga poses. Anybody got any quick remedies I don't know of?



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Sure. Give em my name and number>> haha..jussssst kidding. Wow...I really don't have any immediate fixes for this kind of thingl.....I would say a hot, steamy shower and some warm water?? I luckily have never been in this situation to the extent that it would affect my voice enough to really matter>> best of luck John!!!
Well, how did it go in the end? And are you feeling better. Upward facing dog does a good job of helping to clear out the sinuses, too.
Mike, Rick, Mandy:

Thanks for your interest and kind notice. I inhaled steam, drank lemon w/hot H2O, took long steamy shower--pounded 3 shots of espresso (my usual)--and gutted it out. Somehow it worked. I've done about 6 more tv voice overs for this client, including their holiday message (!) Since that panicky morning, I've tried Throat Coat tea (thanks for the article Rick), and it seems to help. My cold morphed into bronchitis, but I'm better now. And Mandy, even if upward facing dog doesn't help, it and just about every inversion pose make me feel better, if yoga can be considered a proactive deal. I think it all works together.




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