Hello Everybody!

My name is Donna. I'm looking for fellow Christian VO actors for friendship and encouragement. I haven't done much at all, but the desire is as strong as ever, so I believe the Lord would have me to continue to pursue. I did have to stop the focus on VO promotion at one point when my husband lost his job. Praise God that unemployment didn't last long!

Right now I'm working and making pretty decent money as a freelancer. I want to stay freelance to be available for that elusive VO job. It's hard for me right now because when I get auditions, I have to do them after work. Then I'm auditioning from a point of fatigue, which makes me not be excited about the audition. Then I get stuck on not wanting to do anything.

My brother told me that the inertia I'm experiencing is a very subtle yet strong satanic attack. Even to write this gave me a serious headache.

The odds are long and the rejection is strong, but I do want to do be a working VO talent. I know with God nothing shall be impossible!

Can ANYBODY relate?

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I can most def relate, and indeed, all things are possible.

Rehearse in your mind  "I HAVE to do this, failure is NOT an option". Every day.

Every. Single. Day.

1 Corinthians 15:58

Be E.Z.!


Thanks for the GREAT advice and encouragement! This is the year to WORK HARDER!


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