I have seen that many VO artists use in their home studio, external effects units like compressors/limiters, expander and also preamps such as Avalon M5 and Focusrite Voicemaster Pro among many others. On the other side, I have also seen that some multitrack recording softwares such as Pro Tools and Adobe Audition 3.0, comes with built-in effects units that you can use LIVE as you can do with external physical units. So here is my question: is there any difference in terms of quality between external effects units and their software counterparts? Looking forward to receive your answer!


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I am looking to buy gear this week, and I am also wondering about this.

It would seem to me that an expander would be worthwhile (provided it was set right), as this could take care of some of the background room noise, putting less garbage into the chain. Likewise perhaps for a compressor, but for normal voiceover work, it would seem to me that a compressor is not needed as often as say, when singing or miking musical instruments. Others seem to disagree.

The other thing I have heard mentioned was some sort of Tube sound in the preamp, to warm things up. Thinking about getting one of those, perhaps the sub $100 ones to start (such as ART V3, PreSonus, Samson C-Valve, etc.). Looking for comparisons, data, etc. Any advice, recommendations, caveats?


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