I got an e-mail from VU/Voice123 that appeared to invite me to audition for the gig, copied below. I've already recorded an audition and then found out, on Voice123, that I actually didn't have an invitation on that site. What gives? Has anyone else run into that problem? I was told by Juan, at Voice123, that the problem is with VU. For the life of me, I can't find out who the heck to bring this problem to! I don't want to lose out on a prime gig like this one because of a technicality! Can someone enlighten me, please? Here's the original e-mail:

The client would like us to demo the entire script of one vignette with a rough cut of the video in order to make their final casting selection for all 25 videos. A custom demo that covers the entire script attached will be very beneficial in helping you to properly showcase yourself for the client.

Check it out!



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