I attended Don Morrow's seminar yesterday (March 14th) and I must give it a 5 star review. I had the chance to not only watch one of the Masters at work, I was blessed enough to work IN the BOOTH with Don. Don was very friendly and open to answering questions. He truly is a treasure trove of valuable VO info, because has absolutely been there, done that and (most importantly,) is STILL doing it! " I came away with great materials and I look forward to receiving the entire session on CD and my own Demo on mp3.

I strongly urge anyone who has the opportunity to attend a Don Morrow seminar.

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Hey, Bob! Good to see you in the VOU! I forgot to mention the other attendees of the seminar! I made alot of great new friends. Bob, I also wish you all the success you can handle; you are VERY gifted.
Hi guys. Dan thanks for starting this thread. I agree, it was a great afternoon. Like Don said, it was a no B.S. training session. I found his teaching method very effective. I think Don Morrow is under-appreciated in the voice-over world. I would highly recommend the seminar.
Thanks, Steve! I could not agree with you more.
Thanks Bob. It was good to talk with you at the seminar. From what I heard, your demo will be outstanding. I'll be listening for your voice on network promos soon!


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