Do you believe a voice talent ought to use a "slogan" in marketing? Why or why not?

Personally, I have a big thing against a voice talent (or actor or anything else for that matter...) who says "I'm the best." That's what that person is conveying when the slogan they use is something like "Today's Sound" or "The Professional Voice" or "The Best Voice In Canada." Go on...disagree...but I don't like slogans. Branding is great. Do it with a logo or color scheme or matching cards and postcards or a totally professional looking CD label and spine etc and matching brochure, but I don't like slogans. There are lots of folks who are professional. There are many who are most versatile and please producers who want that "today sound" (whatever that might be....who knows?) so if you are using a slogan, make it ring, make it good, but don't ever say "the best" or "your voice" or something that implies everyone else is ca ca doo doo and you are not. It's just not good. By the way, several top agents agree with me on this and actually, one made me redo my marketing materials because she wouldn't send them out with my slogan on them. Said it was cheap. Let's hear it...what's your take? "The burgers are better at Burger King" is ok...but not "The Best Burgers in the World." Get it?

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Ah yes. Cartoon was cool. And the Unannouncer is a good one.
I couldn't agree with you more seems as if the whole "branding" thing is such a groovy tool right now in voiceovers, as just another way to sell a new class....YOUR VOICE SHOULD SPEAK FOR ITSELF! (pardon the pun...oh wait, that would be a great branding!!!! or slogan!!!!) Just kidding!! I get tons of demos sent to me and branding, slogan, gimmick or not, it's what I hear that becomes memorable to almost seems a bit desperate to attach a slogan to your confident with what you have and go for it!
Yes, Mary Lynn. Right on. thanks for comment and where are you based? Tell me more.
Hey Bettye...sorry it took me awhile to get back to you hear, I don't always check my VU page...anyway, I am based out of Los Angeles and own Voices Voicecasting. I have been casting voice overs for 20 years. I am also a voice actor and I have lots of experience on both sides of the glass! Check out our website, Thanks again and talk to you soon.
I will indeed check your website and pleased to know you! Thanks for message.
I agree that the "cutesy" slogans are really better for products as opposed to personal voice branding. Brand yourself through your website, colors, and most importantly, your professionalism and demeanor when dealing with clients, producers, etc. They'll remember you more for those characteristics than for some creative yet unnecessary slogan.

I can't begin to count the "creative" packages I receive (on the Producer end) from talent whose voices either don't match the promise of the packaging, or worse, reflect the shoddy marketing jobs they're packaged in.

To reiterate Mary Lynn's comment, Let your voice be your brand.
I agree with the fact that, "your voice should speak for itself." Yes, that's all a client really cares about at first.
Besides how you conduct business, how easy you are to work with, etc. I also feel put off by people who try to TELL me how good they are about something. I'd rather be shown then I"LL decide for myself.

Today we as talent are trying to drive traffic to our websites with postcards, listings, etc that don't give people a chance to HEAR that voice quickly. My AMERICANA slogan is attempting to simplify things for prospective clients by giving them some idea of my sound and how it may be useful to them and their clients.
To me marketing is all about letting prospective clients know what's in it for THEM if they hire me as talent.
Again, I'm not making a statement out of character for what I can do as talent. On the contrary, I'm trying to show where I "can fit in" in the voiceover universe... no pun intended. My voice IS my brand. Finding ways for people to hear it is important too.
I have a photographic and musical background. I have made certain that all my promotional tools are well designed and thought out... nothing gimmicky. I've seen plenty of cheesy packaging from talent who make claims they can't back up with their work.

Rick: Just wanted to say I checked out your demos and website (nice work by the way!), and your "Americana" slogan fits your voice/brand perfectly. You made a great point above mentioning that the purpose of your slogan is to give potential clients an idea of your sound *before* they've heard your voice. I think in this instance the slogan is utilized exceptionally well. When a slogan has a PURPOSE, it's a great addition to the marketing arsenal!
Thanks, Randy! Nice to know I'm not totally crazy! Just straying from the norm a bit...trying to hone in and capitalize on what voice seekers have been saying to me all these years.

All these opinions are great, here's mine: I think it's great to have a slogan; be it a voice, toy, or a motor boat. If the slogan fits and it makes sense. This is where a large percentage of the populus fails; Sorry, I don't get your inside joke on the slogan. Sometimes the slogan is the reference point to a talents resume "The Voice of Ford" or "The Voice of God" and we all know who that last reference is for - Don Lafontaine. I also think that whether a talent used the actual slogan is irrelevent. The fact that it's a reference to that particular talent and that talents sound is proof enough that the slogan existed and obviously worked; by the virtue of third party usage. And really, isn't that the best kind of slogan, a compliment from one's peers and clients? Those seem the be the one's that stick, like nicknames. So yes, I'm all for them.

Barry Trussell
Actually, Don never used it himself. It was given to him by other people, and the name stuck.

Now, as for me, my marketing name is "The Voxman". It has a particular ring to it. Steven "The Voxman" Mane. Don't like it? Go vox yourself. And hey, it's not nearly as bad as my other ideas: The Imitator, The Maniac, The Messiah, and The Antichrist.
Steven you made my point thank you. The best slogan is given to you by peers - if you're lucky. It's organic that way, and seems to work the best, even if one doesn't refer to oneself by the same slogan, I think it's perfectly fine to say that my peers call me, my friends call me........ It's marketing and is certainly appropriate to mention when relationship building in a sales conversation, when the time is right.



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