Do you believe a voice talent ought to use a "slogan" in marketing? Why or why not?

Personally, I have a big thing against a voice talent (or actor or anything else for that matter...) who says "I'm the best." That's what that person is conveying when the slogan they use is something like "Today's Sound" or "The Professional Voice" or "The Best Voice In Canada." Go on...disagree...but I don't like slogans. Branding is great. Do it with a logo or color scheme or matching cards and postcards or a totally professional looking CD label and spine etc and matching brochure, but I don't like slogans. There are lots of folks who are professional. There are many who are most versatile and please producers who want that "today sound" (whatever that might be....who knows?) so if you are using a slogan, make it ring, make it good, but don't ever say "the best" or "your voice" or something that implies everyone else is ca ca doo doo and you are not. It's just not good. By the way, several top agents agree with me on this and actually, one made me redo my marketing materials because she wouldn't send them out with my slogan on them. Said it was cheap. Let's hear it...what's your take? "The burgers are better at Burger King" is ok...but not "The Best Burgers in the World." Get it?

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So if you don't mind me asking: what do they call you? Do you have a slogan or brand? It all comes down to what works best in the long run. After I imitated another guy's voice, he called me "Imitator". However, I was advised against using it as a brand because I was told it would do more harm then good. Sometimes, you've got to self-proclaim.
Hi Steve,

Well I don't have a slogan that I use on a regular basis- still experimenting, but I certainly do believe in them. Perhaps time, experience and peers will eventually bestow one upon me. And yes, you're right, sometimes you've just gotta take a stance. There is always someone who will tell you this or that won't work because (insert opinionated phrase here)....... I say do what works. Didn't work out so bad for Christopher Columbus. It's like making a choice on a script. make a choice, if it doesn't work then make another choice.

Under Any Circumstances, Phillip you are the best and you make my day with your comments.
Bettye Zoller
Branding is such an interesting concept. With the volume of voice actors in the world, if we want to get steady work, we must first be on our game as far as talent and skill goes, but we must also somehow differentiate ourselves from the "crowd." What image does your website or postcard present? Does it lead a producer to want to listen? And once they do listen, is your sound consistent with your image? Branding is illusive and very difficult to achieve. It's not about a slogan per se, it's about projecting an image that is consistent with what you have to offer as a voice talent. Examples of people (not necessarily voice actors) with very strong personal brands - Oprah, Martha Stewart, Amy Winehouse (for better or worse) or here in VoiceOver Universe, Don La Fontaine (R.I.P.) Say any one of those names as an adjective and pretty much everyone is clear about you mean. But none of them has a "slogan." In order for branding to work, you must know who you are and what you do best, and not attempt to convince a casting agent or producer that you do EVERYTHING, even if you think you can. "Jack of All Trades" branding is rarely EVER accurate. I do know that if your work is not consistent with your image, your demo is likely to get tossed in the proverbial circular file really quickly, and whatever imaging or branding you've employed will ultimately have been fruitless.
Well, Kay, what a well crafted and concise, precise and on-target response. Thank you for it. Everything you say here I totally agree. Yes, branding is "a good thing," as Martha would say. Slogans? So many of these are meaningless or worse, do not 'fit' the person. I won't go into detail (to protect the 'guilty," but there are a few vo talents using slogans referring to the sounds of their voices that are not correct at all. There is one female who refers to her voice being 'smooth' but does not use that word...and I don't think she's 'smooth' at all. And to use a word like "selling" or "salesperson" referring to one's voice, just about everyone does that but in differing ways. Bottom line: Wouldn't it be wonderful if we voice talents could hire expensive branding experts and advertising creatives and agencies to do our branding and marketing? They are so expensive! That's why most everyone tries to do their own branding and slogans and postcards etc. And the few times I've consulted people about my branding, they really haven't "hit upon it" to my satisfaction. Now, I'm doing straight foreword stuff like postcards saying "ask for my new audio book narration demo" or "I'm doing a book signing and hope you'll be there" or "I'm on TV on August 24"==just the facts. No funny stuff. I think informational marketing is always a good thing.And one of my agents loves my newsletters. She says she thinks newsletters if they are good ones always are read or at least glanced at and I tend to agree.

Well, I'm a gonna kick this dead horse, and see if he won't buck!

 This is an intersesting topic for me. I use VU as a "Branding Soundboard" of sorts. I try things out here to see what the reaction is from my peers. My current slogan was from one of my peers... and I am running with least for the time being. When I first joined VU, there was A LOT of talk about Branding and Marketing, and I was racking my brain trying to figure out what works. 

 Now, for a guy who is only a couple o'years into this game, there are still many things to learn. Coming from a music background: acoustics, recording, writing, audio editing, etc; is something I already can do.  Consequently, the other things that need to be learned, you also need to be an  immediate expert! ... ie: Web Design, graphics, photography & photo editing and of course, Marketing... OR you can pay a handsome figure to somebody to do it for you.

 My hope is to Slogan-ize myself with something that is relatively common in day to day speech, and at the same time, something that will stick in somebody's mind. And to use imagery that will create a Visual Brand as well.

  My next step ...


 (insert: drumroll & fanfare)  

       Arthur Maxx: World of Voice Over - Nation Wide Tour!


 Just imagine, VO Concerts in every major metropolitan city across the country! 

   Visit to get Special Advance pricing! ....

...Now that's comedy!!!


So, chime-in...Tell me what you think, and... Tell us your strategy!



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