Do you believe a voice talent ought to use a "slogan" in marketing? Why or why not?

Personally, I have a big thing against a voice talent (or actor or anything else for that matter...) who says "I'm the best." That's what that person is conveying when the slogan they use is something like "Today's Sound" or "The Professional Voice" or "The Best Voice In Canada." Go on...disagree...but I don't like slogans. Branding is great. Do it with a logo or color scheme or matching cards and postcards or a totally professional looking CD label and spine etc and matching brochure, but I don't like slogans. There are lots of folks who are professional. There are many who are most versatile and please producers who want that "today sound" (whatever that might be....who knows?) so if you are using a slogan, make it ring, make it good, but don't ever say "the best" or "your voice" or something that implies everyone else is ca ca doo doo and you are not. It's just not good. By the way, several top agents agree with me on this and actually, one made me redo my marketing materials because she wouldn't send them out with my slogan on them. Said it was cheap. Let's hear it...what's your take? "The burgers are better at Burger King" is ok...but not "The Best Burgers in the World." Get it?

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For those of you in the U.S. who do not know Phillip, he is a moving force, one of the premiere voice talents in UK and Europe overall. Phillip, since having traveled to Europe to work four times in 2007-09 I must say that I have been awakened to the global dimensions of voice work. Also, one of my sons lives in Switzerland and is an international citizen with his wife working all over Europe. Americans tend to be very insular. I have been changed by my travels and experiences. I have not yet traveled to the U.K. but certainly want to do so. Thank you for your comment here. Your "any circumstances" is very very funny.I would like to do a slogan that says "don't like me. I dare you." How about that for guts? or ""If you hire me you are Crazy."

Hey...let's do it.

Keep in touch old friend. And hope to see you in the flesh sometime.
Your colleague and friend
Bettye Zoller
Thanks Phillip for reply here. Yes, now in today's world, the world is our village with the internet booking sites and the internet ability to service clients worldwide with our voiceovers. We don't have to just depend on internet booking either because we can promote ourselves worldwide to clients ourselves and develop repeat business with those we meet and do voiceovers for on the web. A friend recently moved to a ranch here in the U.S. and said his only complaint is that his neighbor has cows and "wow they surely are loud. The crows too!" It's always something...After thirty two years in the voice biz, I saw sixteen track and thirty-two track and sixty-four track recording initiated, spliced with a razor blade, worked on reel to reel and's constantly a new world.
I like David Alden's "the Voice that Paints Pictures". I have toyed with John Taylor "The Voice that Hangs Drywall". John Taylor "Known from Coast to Coast Like Buttered Toast" John Taylor "Vocal Swiss Army Knife" (this could tick off the mighty and powerful Army of Switzerland, I don't want to feel their wrath) I think I will just stick with John Taylor.
Oh John...tsk, tsk but Oh So Funny. Yes, I also like "the Voice that Paints Pictures,." in fact, I like it so much I'm stealing it.....only was a joke, folks. But darn it, that is a great slogan. I like slogans like that. What I don't like is "Today's Sound" (nobody else is today??) or "The Ultimate Voice" (is there only one? I doubt it. In fact, I doubt this voice is the ultimate...and what does that mean anyway? or "Voiceover Candy" or "Voiceover Pasta" or "Voiceover Hamburger" ...'s schlocky and just doesn't ring right with me...
I'm an oft-corrected voicery infant, but it seems like "Pierce... With Your Words" makes sense. Maybe cents, too?

I had some Photoshop fun and made a few "t-shirts"...

And one that's just topically silly:

I agree completely, Phillip! Branding is a concept best not left to the uninitiated. In the best of all worlds, one could hire a pro PR person or advt. agency to do everything...labels, cards, postcards, on and on. I did that one time back in the early nineties and the printed materials were indeed awesome. I spent more than $5000 on all the print materials and then, my agent MOVED her offices just as the print was finished and I picked it up.l left that agent immediately. I had talked my print stuff over with her. She never told me about moving. Asked why, she said, "I have to keep things from competing agents." Huh?
I agree with Jeff. Yes.
Absolutely right. That is why marketing oneself is so difficult. It sometimes helps, when explaining to people why your workshop contents would be good for them or why you are equipped to mix and edit their job or why your previous experience with this type of script they want voiced, would be an asset to them is to say, "please do not take this as bragging, but you asked me, so I'm going to explain why I think you should do......etc.
Well, ok then. I guess I fall into the slogan mold pretty well!

About a year ago I started promoting myself as, The Voice of Americana. After so long hearing from clients and prospective clients that you really have that "Americana" sound.... an all American sound well suited to the basic industries that run our country... agriculture, construction, manufacturing, community banking, tourism, outdoor sports, etc. It took a while for me to really see where I work best. Yes, it's a BOLD statement but at least I can back it up. I know my MONEY voice and where I fit in and am very happy to have a niche to market to. But yes, I guess I do skirt the EGO thing. I know it takes a while to see any negative repercussions from this. So far so good.

Any thoughts on this? I'm at

As once said by Margaret Thatcher, "Power is like being a lady... if you have to tell people you are, you aren't."

Seems like a lot of nouns can be swapped into that statement... talent, innovator, dog....
Oh Chadd, I did not know this quote and I love it.
I certainly can't claim to be a branding expert, but here's a link to a great visual representation which explains it really well (scroll down to the cartoon):

Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding.

And while I agree that many slogans are either too vague (like Bettye's example of "Today's Sound") or even counter-productive, I've been very happy with the results of my current "UNnouncer" campaign.




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