So, in a job description for an audio book it says the story is told through both dialogue and narrative. I'm new to audio books and I'm trying to get better. Do you change your voice to make them different or is it in the read's tempo and flow that makes it different? Any tips from you storytellers out there?

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Hi J,

Thanks for the great tips. Makes sense.

A dialogue is conversation between two or more people. A narrative is a story or account of events, experiences and the like.

Hope this helps.

Hello Donna,

Thanks for your reply. Do you do many audio books? I get a little confused when there is a conversation between 2 or more people and how to read it. Do I change my voice a little to make a difference between the characters in the conversation? Do that make sense?

Thanks again,
Hi Philip,

I never thought of it that way. I'll have to practice that.

Thanks for your insight.
Dialogue is always secondary to narration which must always reflect the Author's voice. Subtle changes in tonal quality can differentiate characters in dialogue...effected character voices/dialect/accents etc ("over the top") might be more appropriate in YA or Children's Books than Adult titles.


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