I was just wondering what the average amount of time is for a demo recording ? Is there an average?

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If I get one longer than 60...I don't listen.....I'm going about 45-50 these days. It's the Wild West though...do what ya want. But a lot of agencies don't want more than :60 in a submission....I think any more than that and you are going to have a few clips that sound too much alike stylistically, anyway


Generally "60 to 90 seconds max for most demos - the quicker the better!" is what I've heard/seen from most agents and big name talent that chimed in on the subject in other venues, the exception being audiobooks, where they said at least 2 minutes probably isn't a bad idea.



Thanks for replying Scott. 60 to 90 seems to be the average answer. Later


Hey Gerald, I'd say anything between 60 - 90 seconds if it's a promo demo reel. But I agree with Mike below that people tend to stop listening after 40 seconds unless you really grab and hold their attention. Just make sure to put your best samples first!

Good luck! If you like you can get some tips from our downloadable guide book www.piehole.ie/pages/ebook


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